French stock ownership

Here’s a bit of the unexpected.

Why Are French Men Making Cryptocurrency Bets?
A new survey on the investing mindset of the French people shows that nearly one in four own some kind of investment, and half of those who do first dipped their toes in during the pandemic. It turns out that the cryptocurrency craze injected some YOLO energy here as well. More French people own crypto (9%) than stocks (7%) or ETFs (2%).



The safe withdrawal rate from an all-Crypto portfolio is 1%.



What is the safe deposit rate?


Gimme all you got…

And you wanted to be more like the French? :laughing:


Direct ownership: 15%
Direct + indirect: 53%

People who buy stock on their own become direct owners. But people can invest in other ways, including actively managed mutual funds or passive versions like index funds, as well as through retirement plans that put their money in the stock market. Those avenues result in indirect ownership. Only 15% of US families directly owned stock in 2019; most families who owned stock in 2019 did so indirectly.