From 52 Weeks Low/High

What a week! I know this is painful to watch, for me too, seeing some of our gains being evaporated. If you recently found Saul’s board and just started to invest is these well vetted via crowdsource stocks, it’s even more painful. We lived through this at the end of last year, and it looks like a repeat. We know our high growth category leaders will bounce back the fastest when the dust settles, but no one knows when the fear and selling will stop. Once my dry powder runs out, yes, still have some, I will start with bottom performer adding to more convection stocks. However, just to add some perspective, I just sorted the stocks I’m following, to see how they are performing from their 52 week lows and highs after all this. The result was very surprising.

Sym	From 52 Low	Off 52 High
SHOP	167.21%	        -23.26%
OKTA	135.34%	        -30.52%
AYX	125.91%	        -35.45%
TTD	90.34%	        -32.71%
PAYC	88.89%	        -21.84%
DOCU	84.03%	        -5.35%
MDB	81.40%	        -36.76%
SMAR	81.37%	        -33.88%
TWLO	70.35%	        -29.57%
ZS	39.45%	        -52.16%
SQ	21.34%	        -27.34%
ESTC	20.96%	        -31.59%
ZM	10.24%	        -38.44%
SAIL	10.22%	        -43.16%
DDOG	5.20%	        -23.82%
CRWD	1.25%	        -53.83%


No red yet in the From column, but imaging where we can be in the next 52 weeks! These are the best of the best!



Interesting table but, by definition, the “From column” cannot go red. It can only go to zero.

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