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I’m not technically knowledgeable enough to know if this is significant, but it sounds like it might be.

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Not tech savvy either, but looking at the company highlights at the bottom seems Nextech has signed a number of successful agreements and contracts worldwide. The author cites the company saying that it is

“… pleased to announce that with the help of Fastly (FSLY), a global edge cloud platform, it achieved a breakthrough in enterprise video security. Its implementation of JWT with Fastly brings token authentication to the edge greatly enhancing security and performance”

So I’m unsure if Fastly’s role is correlation or causation, but it seems that the overall success bodes well for Fastly



Background: NexTech’s CEO, Evan Gappelberg, Has a History of Stock Promotion and Business Failures, Including a Key Role in the Future Farm Debacle

Surprised Fastly would get mixed up with this company?

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It’s just a joint press release from a small tech company that’s trying to use Fastly’s name to get more press. My guess is someone was owed a favor. The Fastly quote is short and doesn’t say much. Talk about an empty statement, “What we have achieved with InfernoAR is fantastic.” No metrics from Fastly?

Original press release on the wire service link below:


I’m not technically knowledgeable enough to know if this is significant, but it sounds like it might be.

This is an example of Fastly’s commitment to craft specialized solutions for its clients. This capability was emphasized in the last conference call as a competitive advantage for Fastly over other “edge computing” enterprises. In that sense I believe it is quite significant.

I put “edge computing” in quotes because there has been much controversy on the board over what it really means. I don’t really care much what it means. I am impressed by Fastly’s plan and capability for providing enhanced and tailored solutions for its customers which apparently others are less able to do…



I believe it was Tim Beyers, analyst for The Motley Fool, that I heard state…“Follow the Developers!”.

He was discussing various companies and their success based on providing access to and participation by the developer community. Fastly continues to facilitate a strong developer community and has a strong developer hub, according to what I read and not my personal experience. Fastly seems to make this a priority with the hub, Fastly Fiddle and the “sandbox” testing they provide to promote developer engagement.