FUBO announcement

FUBO announced its original programming slate, see link:


If this news is all it took for the stock to jump 14% today (so far, at least), then I would call FUBO a coiled spring, and can’t wait for some REAL good news (like next earnings release showing continued large subscriber increases, or new partner deals, etc)!

I understand that our stocks can move 5-10% without much news at all, but when I see increases in the double digits in my portfolio, there has to be some other news/reason. As I don’t see any other explanation for today’s large jump, except for a good day for the high growth sector in general, I’m assuming this seemingly minor news release (in my mind, at least) is giving the market reason enough to bid the stock up…almost like the market was waiting for ANY reason to do so.

Maybe the sector rotation is coming to a close for real this time? I’m not calling that, as I don’t want to be disappointed again, but let’s hope so.


FUBO has been included in that group of heavily shorted stocks, such as GME which has also been rising today. I doubt this move up is related to fundamentals / today’s announcement