Funky BDI

A summary of the Dry Bulk Index component indices…

And major surprise from the ETF that tracks BDI, BDRY (up > 10%)

BDRY owner
(sometimes good to be hedged)


The next day


Change in sentiment
Overall BDI had its highest gain in 7 months
Baltic Cape Index (BCI) sees its highest level since mid-Aug 2022
At $8952, most owners at least covering operating costs.

Panamax rates also improved
best levels since late Jul 2022…

The indices are still reversed (smaller vessel categories earning more than larger vessel category)

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Thanks Hohumm


Like the BDI, making some funky moves of my own today (9/14)

  • Restarted a miner position - BHP
  • Closed out that PHUN-y idea on its bounce
  • Another BRK-B nibble (yeah, strike threat and all)
  • Down day on BDRY - added a little more
  • Monetized some of my LNG shipping idea - FLNG (the div and special div accrued earlier this week)
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