GALE and Immunotherapy


You had mentioned that you recently invested in GALE. You also mentioned that you were a physician before you retired. What kind of physician were you when you were practicing? Do you have any specific knowledge in the field of oncology and immunotherapy? How does your knowledge of the field relate to GALE? Why did you invest? This company does not seem to meet the criteria for the type of company that you like to own. GALE has a therapy in Phase III trials the outcome of which will move the stock up or down in a binary fashion.

Immunotherapy is getting a lot of attention recently. The hype from Sloan Kettering trial results seem to be pushing up immunotherapy companies today.


I got out of Gale at a loss after all the negative attacks, but especially because of the massive selling by insiders, which just bothered me. They should be having results coming fairly soon, which could quadruple the price overnight, and yet these guys kept selling hundreds of thousands of shares. It didn’t inspire confidence. It may do fine, but I decided to wait for the results.