Game Time

Today: Scout Team vs The Usual Suspects

Contest: Battle For the Bones

Note: There are no real bones involved and I just chunked that name in because I wanted to.

Todays contest is scored like a track meet and will feature four comparative areas:

Revenue Growth

Percentage of Revenue Beat

EV/Sales FWD

IBD Accumulations Grades

Bonus First Half: Consecutive QTRS of Accelerating Revenue Growth

Bonus Second Half: Consecutive QTRs of EPS Beats

Note 2) The Scout Team is Favored by 7.5 Pts.

Player Introductions:

A) Scout Team (Home Team)

These players are on the Portfolio Roster:

  1. GLBE - Enables Cross-Border eCommerce

Market Cap: $4.77B

  1. MQ - Issues Customized Cards/Processes Transactions

Market Cap: $5.85B

  1. CFLT - Processing Multiple Data Sources For Real Time Analysis

Market Cap: $10.49B

  1. GTLB - Software for the Software Development Cycle

Market Cap: $7B

  1. DOCN - Cloud Computing Platform for Infrastructure and Platform Developers and SMBs

Market Cap: $5.6B

B) Usual Suspects (Visitors)

  1. FVRR - Remote Work Marketplace

Market Cap: $2.5B

  1. SMAR - Cloud-Based Software for Planning, Management, Reporting, and Automating Workloads.

Market Cap: $6.6B

  1. BROS - Drive-Thru Coffee

Market Cap: $8.3B

  1. PATH - End-to-End Robotic Automation Process

Market Cap: $10.8B

  1. INMD - Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Stuff

Market Cap: $2.87B

The teams appear to be competitively balanced:

Collective Market Caps:

Scout Team $33.7B

Usual Suspects: $31.07

Scout Team Favored by 10.5 Pts…

First QTR: Ranking by Revenue Growth

  1. MQ 76%

  2. CFLT 71%

  3. GTLB 69%

  4. BROS 55%

  5. GLBE 54%

  6. INMD 47%

  7. SMAR 43.2%

  8. FVRR 42.8%

  9. PATH 39%

10 DOCN 37%

Score At the End of the First QTR:

Scout Team: 34

Usual Susp: 21

Second QTR: Rank by EV/Sales fwd

  1. BROS at 3.98

  2. MQ 5.95

  3. INMD 5.99

  4. FVRR 6.03

  5. PATH 8.48

  6. SMAR 8.49

  7. DOCN 9.91

  8. GLBE 10.75

  9. GTLB 16.50

10 CFLT 17.70

Halftime Score:

Scout Team: 54
Usual Susp: 57

Third QTR: Rank by IBD Accumulations Grades:

  1. SMAR B+


  1. DOCN B


  1. BROS C+

  2. FVRR C

  3. CFLT D+

  4. GLBE D



End of Third QTR Score:

Scout Team 94
Usual Susp 92

Fourth QTR: Rank by Strength of Revenue Beat:

  1. MQ Beat by 12.78%

  2. GTLB +10.68%

  3. CFLT +9.22%

  4. INMD +6.76%

  5. GLBE +6.54%

  6. BROS +3.99%

  7. SMAR +3.82%

  8. FVRR +3.81%

  9. PATH +2.22%

10 DOCN Less than 1%




Score by Quarters:

Scout Team: 34…20…40…34
Usual Susp: 21…36…35…21

High Scorers:

Scout Team: MQ 38 Pts

Usual Suspects: BROS 30 Pts

After Game Thoughts:

  1. FVRR Market Cap is really Low for its Growth Cohort.

  2. INMD might deserve a Scout Team position

  3. DOCN ?

  4. BROS might Suck but they Score well.

All The Best,


Speaking of FVRR:
My daughter signed me up for this app that sends me questions about my life and I reply with a written answer.

Well, this “push” situation of me having to type for longer than I am accustomed to ended up with a whole shebang of email questions piling up.

I have had this idea for sometime of talking into my iPhone’s Memo App and saving the file and outsourcing the file to a transcription service.
Last week I did just that with a service I found on FVRR. $5 for 30 minutes of transcription. Well, another $2.98 for taxes or something else.
The next day I received back via email a perfectly readable word document with my whole memo!
What this means is my daughter will get her book in the end, and I will have the means to write blogs, and books of my own while driving my car around, hiking in the jungle, or just sitting on the john.



Hi MSlob:

Every time I try one of those dictation programs it always comes out like gibberish. Maybe I should try the one you are using.

All the Best,