Gary Alexander article on Hubspot

From the headline, seems he thinks it is expensive. I haven’t read it yet. I do recall from David Gardner’s podcasts that a marker of a Rule Breaker is that “conventional wisdom” says that the company is overpriced…so maybe that is the case here. I haven’t read enough of Gary’s articles yet to have a feel for where he falls in terms of “conventional wisdom”.

HubSpot: Expensive Despite Beat-And-Raise Quarter $HUBS

Sounds like he’s looking at Hubspot as just another marketing/sales company. He could be right of course but I think what makes HUBS a possible rulebreaker is the unconvential products they have. Something is working but it’s too early to tell if it’s because they are “different” (which is where the premium would be justified in my mind) or because they’re just a good could marketing company serving the needs of customers at a good price. It might be years before we know. In the meantime, yeah people are going to buy the shiny new thing and possibly forget about HUBS. Just really depends if they turn out to be something special or not.


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