Gas and Diesel Crisis

Can The Global Gasoline And Diesel Crisis Be Solved?

““Diesel is the lifeblood of the global economy, essential to vital sectors such as agriculture, construction, and transportation – its price impacts almost all supply chains and goods. Governments face tough decisions. They can assist consumers by dropping taxes on diesel, but this will likely only increase demand, which may support the overall economy but will worsen the existing tight supply situation. If supply does not improve, governments will be forced to enact emergency plans to limit sales to consumers in order to ensure essential sectors are kept going,” says Per Magnus Nysveen, Head of Analysis at Rystad Energy.”…

Always a good read - the weekly Energy Bulletin…



Are we headed to WWII style fuel rationing?

Farmers and essential businesses like truckers get unlimited rations. But john q public might be limited to 5 gal per week.

Commuters might have to car pool or ride public transportation. Work from home telecommuting rides again.

And the value of real estate in the boonies might fall sharply.

Or wait. We’ll all buy evs.

“Are we headed to WWII style fuel rationing?”

Europe already looking at doing that for Natural Gas. Going to be a long cold winter there.

Crisis is worst in Europe. So far US escaping …enough, barely enough, refinery capacity.