Geico Auto Insurance Claim

Geico facing $5.2 MM payout to woman who got HPV after sex in car…

Geico could be required to pay a Missouri woman $5.2 million because she said she contracted a sexually transmitted disease while having sex in the car of a man who is insured by the company.

A three-judge panel of the Missouri Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld a Jackson County Court’s decision affirming an arbitrator’s finding that the woman was entitled to the award.

In February 2021, M.O. notified Geico she planned to seek a $1 million insurance settlement against the man. She argued the man’s auto insurance provided coverage for her injuries and losses.

The insurance company refused the settlement offer, saying the woman’s claim did not occur because of normal use of the vehicle, according to court documents.

Don’t a lot of liability claims evolve out of non-standard use of an automobile?


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It may not be the official intended purpose of a car, but given the frequency of its use for this activity I think it is actually pretty standard.

Mrs. Robinson: It was a Ford, Benjamin.
Benjamin: A Ford! A Ford! [redacted], that's great, a Ford!
Mrs. Robinson: That's enough.
Benjamin: So old Elaine Robinson got started in a Ford.


Not what it sound like, do not try this at home(or in your car) to get millions of dollars.

The details are not clear to me but apparently there was a claim that somehow Geico either did not get or did not respond to in abirritation so it was granted by default. Geico seems to claim that this was somehow fraud that they were not informed of the original claim or arbitration.

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