GeorgeE wants to return?

GeorgeE is George Economou.

In late September 2023, I mentioned an article where Mr Economou had taken an interest in Diana Shipping (DSX) spin-off, OceanPal (OP). Well, apparently that’s not the only Diana Shipping spin-off that George has taken an interest in. Seems like George has also been interested in Performance Shipping (PSHG).

Seems slightly odd that George Economou would use a tanker entity controlled by another Greek family to be involved with the tanker sector.
As noted in the article, Aliki Paliou and her husband own a majority stake in the company. Why would they just give the stake up? Even more confusing given the fact that George Economou already owns a private tanker fleet (TMS Tankers), many times larger than Performance Shipping (PSHG)