Georgia librarian moves to WA State, union job doubles salary

… also appreciates more educated people in Washington and fewer book banners.



I love the upward mobility for millennials and z’s.

The boomers were thankless. Now we are way outvoted. Thank god.

The greed is better than altruism crowd could be told to find fruitflies for lovers. They certainly did not end up with the money, 90% of them can not afford to retire. Go figure people not paying people reasonably what else would happen?

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Class warfare coming?

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The red state brain drain is real, and happening.


When don’t the billionaires commit class warfare?

The cliche is worthless.

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Absolutely! I can’t imagine an OB/GYN doctor wanting to practice in a state where they might be jailed for providing life saving medical care.

We’ll have to bring in ‘Doctor without Borders’ to treat Red State mothers.



A state against abortions does not deserve medical care at all. Too ignorant to treat. Just walk away. Let them suffer.

Make more money with intelligent people elsewhere. No one will care for you if you do not watch it.

As far as your $7.25 per hour min wage do your own dishes. Stay home and rot. No one should be working for you.

As far as your lack of Medicaid that is just evil.

As far as your lack of environmental regulations more evil. People won’t do business with you for long. There will be climate tariffs. Expect our trading partners to demand our factories not pollute. The factory owners will leave backward places.

Calling it ignorant and backward is a PSA.,are%20avoiding%20states%20like%20Idaho.

Idaho, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, and more.

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Women need to fight to protect themselves from sheer ignorance. Hopefully most men will battle as well.

Most have not given a whit as long as they were told there was a tax cut. Dopey stuff. The tax cut never came. I’d bet Florida’s and Texas’s taxes over the last 20 and 30 years have only risen. For all the cheap talk otherwise.