Germany accuses Russia of "hybrid attack" with leaked audio of military officials discussing Ukraine

… it doesn’t have to be “misinformation”. People will be even more upset when they learn the truth about what’s going on. Forty-plus years of lying is coming home to roost.


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The fun part is very simple: Did the Russians believe it?

And the fun begins…

What’s the big deal here?

Certainly not the discussion. I would expect military leaders to have such a discussion. That’s their job - to war game out various scenarios based on what is happening in the world. In a country like the US (and I suspect Germany as well) it is a political decision to use the military, but that military needs to be prepared with answers to various potential questions. And that involves many conversations like this one.

And spying by Russia should be taken as a given in the West. I am not at all shocked that Russia would be listening for conversations like this one that took place within the German military.

Ditto for Russian propaganda. Russia will spin any information they obtain by their spying to their own benefit. Let’s face it - we would do the same thing in the right circumstances.

I think the only real issue here is the one buried at the end of the article. This conversation happened over a publicly available piece of virtual meeting software. It was not held in any kind of secure environment. Secrecy and security are there for good reasons. Protocols for confidential meetings need to be followed. I would hope that any “war game” meeting would be held in some kind of secure environment and not over something like Zoom or Webex. It might not need the highest levels of security, but it certainly needs some level of security.



I’m assuming the Germans are very aware of this, too.

A game within a game.


Of course. My guess is that this is a failure to follow protocol rather than the lack of an appropriate protocol.

Or - as you hint at - a deliberate leak. So is it a leak of good information attempting to sway Russia in some way? Or a leak of disinformation to create a bit of chaos? Or a leak of plausible information to help find those spying on Germany?

Still, I think my point that this is a big nothingburger still stands. Either run-of-the-mill errors or something more deliberate. Nothing all that newsworthy.



I don’t see the controversy either. Of course the Germans are talking about the targets their weapons are being used on.

Germany accuses Russia of “hybrid attack” with leaked audio

Translation: One of our highly-decorated generals demonstrated an entirely inappropriate laissez-faire attitude to security by violating protocol and dialling into this classified call through insecure hotel WLAN and/ or mobile phone connections - damaging our credibility with our partners:

British soldiers are “on the ground” in Ukraine helping Kyiv’s forces fire long-range Storm Shadow missiles, according to a leak in Russian media of a top-secret call involving German air force officers. The Kremlin said the leak demonstrated the direct involvement of the “collective west” in the war in Ukraine, while former British defence ministers expressed frustration with the German military in response to the revelations.

…unless it was a deliberate ploy by top military brass to force the chancellor into giving Taurus rockets to Ukraine, which he had rejected with arguments becoming questionable with what was said during the leaked call…