GERON could be a double

Geron and J&J are presently co-developing a treatment for acute myeloid leukemia called imetelstat which is targeting several indications that could produce well over $2+ billion in peak annual sales.

They were supposed to announce the results this month but it seems to have been delayed but it looks like the drug has surpassed the historical median overall survival rate for patients that no longer respond to frontline therapy based on the ER call last week.

Its likely that this company may double or triple if the indications go their way which seems highly likely at the moment.

Please check this article form MF and do you own research. I bought some options since its risky and a binary decision but the risk to rewards is highly skewed hence my decision enter the position and we will know latest by Sept the final stats…



Options on a binary event probably best idea.

And JFC, I can’t believe Geron is still around. I remember the gliadel wafer and all the telomerase hype. Nothing says bubble quite like this cockroach joining the party.


Here’s a Seeking Alpha article discussing Geron and Imetelstat, should be freely available for another 9 or 10 days still.…


Not sure why options are the way to go. The SA article says that the Geron CEO (Scarlett) “confirmed the JNJ decision would come no later than the end of the third quarter, but could come sooner.” The latest strike dates available for GERN options are 9/21/18. I guess if you go the options route, you are doing so based on the latest clinical results, but not necessarily the JNJ decision.

Strange things happen with Biotech’s so if you want to play it safe and not riska lot of capital you should go with Options an dif you take the Sept Options or wait a month to take the next bunch its fine though the price has already doubled in the last 1 week and could hit more so hedging the upside with a Sept option and swapping it later down could be another way to go