Get $4,000 to Ride a Bicycle in France

This country is paying car drivers nearly $4,000 to switch to an electric bike…

As reported by The Times, the full €4,000 incentive is awarded to those in lower income brackets that live in low-emission urban zones. Wealthier two-wheel converts will receive a reduced incentive commensurate with their income level. For those looking to buy a new electric bike but not ready to give up their polluting car, a subsidy of up to €400 is available.

Some cities have even more generous electric bicycle subsidies. The Socialist-Green council of Paris offers up to €500 toward the purchase of an e-bike or a folding pedal bike.



Electric bicycles and scooters properly planned for and managed on urban streets could be an enormous goldmine for clever cities. Getting rid of parked cars by itseld would be transformative.

Most people have no idea of how stupid and insanely wasteful automobiles are.

david fb