GloriFi, an 'anti-woke' bank backed by Peter Thiel and Candace Owens, is folding just 3 months after it was set up

I consider this a win for Democracy

A bank that promoted itself as an “anti-woke” alternative to Wall Street and won the support of Peter Thiel and Candace Owens is closing down just three months after it started operating.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Texas-based startup GloriFi had laid off most its workforce and was planning to close its doors, according to people familiar with the matter.

The bank, run by GOP donor Toby Neugebauer, opened in the summer after raising $50 million from an A-list group of investors last year, and was recently valued at $1.7 billion.


OK, I admit having never heard of this, but now that I have I also admit I have no idea what an “anti-woke” bank is or does, and I’m pretty sure if I did I wouldn’t care anyway.

But if it’s somehow affinity marketing, I guess it wasn’t very strong.

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