$GM Delivers All 150 Brightdrop EV Vans to $FDX

Yahoo/Zack’s headline: General Motors’ (GM) BrightDrop Supplies 150 E-Vans to FedEx

Wed, June 22, 2022, 10:48 AM·4 min read


General Motors GM recently announced that its technology startup, BrightDrop, has delivered its first 150 electric delivery vehicles to FedEx throughout Southern California, out of a total order of 2,500 units. The first five vans had already been delivered in December 2021.

All the 150 vehicles delivered comprise the larger Zevo 600 model, formerly known as the EV600. It is designed for last-mile deliveries and is powered by GM’s Ultium Platform. This marks an important milestone for FedEx as it plans to transform its entire parcel pickup and delivery fleet to all-electric and achieve zero-tailpipe emissions by 2040. Also, this is part of a larger agreement, according to which FedEx will add a total of 2,500 BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric delivery vans across its operations over the next few years.

As pre-requisites of the new fleet, FedEx is developing charging infrastructure across its network of facilities and have already installed more than 500 charging stations across California. It is also investing to upscale on-site generation and procurement of renewable energy in its facilities. The company is optimistic that it has set an example of a sustainable delivery chain.

p.s. Motley Fool profanity filter made me remove the acronym for “pickup delivery” which is a word I haven’t heard used since the 1960s in a tough Catholic grade school where you would have your mouth washed out with soap and a nun would beat you with a heavy yard stick in the “music room” down in the basement for using profane language. I haven’t heard that word in 60 years.:sunglasses: