Go MNDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spread the word everyone!

Susanna Hoff was wrong….no need to wish it was Sunday.

(She has aged incredibly well btw…)

Monday is the one you want on Wednesday and every day.

Let’s ride this trading block to about $288.

Appreciate your participation and excessive enthusiasm on this important PSA.

Dreamer <—- now owns MNDY

Hi Dreamer:

Welcome to the MNDY club. For whatever reason MNDY always reminds me of this song:


All the Best,

Sadly, I had to let Mindy go for meager 2% gain after more analysis.
She wasn’t the right one for me.

Instead, PTLO caught my eye. Everyone knows the secret to a man’s heart is his stomach.

Fickle Dreamer

In this market a quick 2% gain works just fine.

All the Best,

Hi Champico33/Dreamer,

good morning.

earlier i know you guys invested in eth or some crypto exchanges stocks like voyager.
looks you guys removed from your portfolios after this down trend.

if you don’t mind can you share your opinion on WEB3 and any thoughts on planning to get in near future?

i did not buy anything just watching.

interestingly they did not fall too much from high and they had fallen similar percentages as saul stocks. basing on this can we conclude they are going to be our future in next 10 years and we are going to implement deFi apps like how currently cloud stocks adapting in industry.

Ehtereum -34% (-15% in 1 month return)
solana -46% (-7% in 1 month)
MATIC(polyon) -32% (surprisingly green 22% up in 1 month)
Avalance(avax) -45% (flat 1 month return)
ICP(blockchain cloud platform) just -8% (green 28% up in 1 month)

one more question on upcoming EV stocks lucid, rivn.

2 years back tsla 200$ and did not buy because i am following saul closely and liked his approach. i am convinced but now i can see lucid, rivan at similar stage. i know execution risk there.

do you consider these stocks now at this stage with current valuation especially lucid?

it’s holding relatively well compare to our stocks.

i will be cloud moon if champico reply to my message. i never got response so far even i tried couple of times.

champico is my second idle or hero after saul!!! i wish you have great success and healthy life.

Hi Venumad1:

Hope I got that right.

If you have asked me a question before and I didn’t answer I apologize for that.

“champico is my second idle or hero after saul!!! i wish you have great success and healthy life.”

Venu - while I appreciate and will certainly take your good wishes for success and life, I would be remiss not to mention that I am no hero and in no way comparable to Saul. Saul is in as league of his own. Were I personally looking for a hero - EARS might be the one guy I would follow. Maybe a couple of the smarter kids over on Saul’s board. Dreamer to - good guy. Me - uh…no.

Note: When I mention that I am an amateur investor more benefited by PDL than any serious investing chops - I mean it.

On your question, I have a Bench level investment in ETH that I have held for a fairly long time after it was recommended heavily on one of the services I follow. It’s been as high as a 100% gain for me as well as a 40ish% loss. Currently it is just sitting there with its head above water. I don’t include it in the portfolio as I don’t consider it ‘that’ sort of investment.

More to your points, I don’t know much of anything about the Crypto movement. Investing in Crypto to me is sort of like going to a party that seems like a lot of fun but you really don’t know anyone. The one stock that several of my services have recommended would be COIN. One service has been adding to COIN often. I considered it, and still have it on some list or other, but there are regulatory risks and I scare easily.

As for the EV industry - I used to have NIO and a couple of others in the portfolio - however, China scares me. My all-too-lovely wife is from Hong Kong and has mentioned several times that people that understand China would never invest there. And EV companies are becoming a dime a dozen: picking a winner might be akin to just drawing straws to see who has to climb the fence to go get the ball out of the junkyard with the big mean dog.

Hopefully someone with better insight will chime in.

All the Best,