Going broke!

How do you go bankrupt?

“How Did You Go Bankrupt?” “Two Ways. Gradually and Then Suddenly.”

How does a Federation collapse:

What happened to the Russian Empire? It disintegrated at the end of an imperialist war. What happened to the Soviet Union? It disintegrated at the end of the Cold War. What will happen to the Russian Federation?

The answer is obvious, even if it saddens many. Russian patriotism is such that even those who do not support the Kremlin regime are not ready to recognize the imperial nature of the present Russian state. Even those who consider the present Russian government unjust, incompetent or simply dangerous believe in the survival of the Russian Federation with its present borders. Even people like me, who wish Ukraine a military victory and the Russian rulers an international trial, are not ready to admit that this will consequently lead to the end of the country itself.


I can see some of the Asian ethnic regions walking away from a weakened Russia


I can see every single piece of the Russian Federation quietly stealthily walking away if a real opportunity presents itself.

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