Gold Hard To Get

Have a look at this - in a Swiss vault but controlled with an app and Mastercard:

The trick is not to wait until the thugs to take over. Like everything else, timing is critical.

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Sell the farm and buy a few gems stones.

More than that…odds are your suit case was taken as property of the state. Lucky to have a shirt on you leaving.

What was it 1935 when Hitler began to really change the laws. That was the heads up to bug out. There was no debate because the Reichstag had been burned down. Another even bigger heads up.

Discussions of no elections ring a bell?


A newly elected member of Congress apparently flashed a white power sign while casting a vote for speaker. I say “apparently” because possible it is just an “OK” sign. But it is also a symbol commonly used by white supremacists. The three fingers signify “W” and the closed finger and thumb mean “P.” White supremacists use this symbol because it has plausible deniability.

So it is possible he was merely signaling “OK” but it doesn’t look like that was the intention to me. I believe he was sending a clear signal to his supporters. He was also seen chatting and yukking it up with other members of Congress known to have deep white supremist ties.

I’m not Jewish, but if I were I would definitely have an escape plan.


The issue in the US of white supremacy is first for African Americans. Just is. Many Jews stand shoulder to shoulder on civil rights with African Americans because we know if not for them we’d have been the targets all along. My support for civil rights is constantly with all of us.

That said even if a W is thrown against Jews not at first at African Americans yep know your routes out of here if you can afford it.

And by the way do not think you are off the hook if you are not Jewish or African American. The Nazis did not love most Germans either.


This afternoon, I rewatched the last part of that first installment of the series, and the second installment.

After Kristallnacht, thousands of Jewish men were rounded up and tossed in concentration camps. They had one way out: turn over all their property to the state and promise to leave Germany.

Jews that left Germany were allowed to take no more than 5 Marks with them. About 5% of the German government budget was paid for with money and property taken from Jews.


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The wealthiest man in the US in the 1770s was Jewish. He put his fortune into funding the US Revolution. The early republic reneged on paying him back. He died penniless I have heard. But it was a good deal for everyone. That price is worth paying.

If the US were to blow it up because African Americans were to honestly get equality I do not want to be here.

Well, I’m glad that I live in the UK.

99% of people here couldn’t care less if someone was a Jew, Christian, Hindu or anything else. There has been Jews in the UK for hundreds of years, many of them drifting in from mainland Europe where, from time to time, they were not made welcome. Many of them became academics and business people who have added to our way of life:

That is convenient to say.

My Irish family have never felt that from the English. Interesting.

The one person my age that I would call a friend who is of Indian descent is hoping the English choke on the curry in London. Or as the Indians say the English national dish in London is a curry because of their own food. He is not exactly happy to know ya.

The Monarchy is getting an earful asking for apologies…

The labo’u’r party is considered threatening to Jews in England.

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Chakrabarti inquiry:

All the millions coming to the UK to be treated as second class citlzens - can’t understand why they keep coming.

Still, if you want to be offended you will be, Prince Harry style :slightly_smiling_face:

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My dad used to argue with a lot of Americans. They’d ask him why did you come here then?

He always gave it back them hard, “I came for the money”.

No one goes to England for the food or the weather.

I have zero faith in the labour party. It is nice of Chakrabarti to try to put lipstick on a pig.