Good news and beaten-down stocks

Nice to see what some good news can do for some these beaten down stocks.

LGIH closed at $19.49 on Feb 11, at the bottom, when the TA market timers were telling us “Sell! Sell! Sell!” As I write it’s at $27.42, up 41% in less than two months. Just on the basis of reporting home closings for the first quarter which showed that they were doing what they said they would for the year, and the bottom hadn’t dropped out of the Texas housing market.

GBX closed at $20.96 on Jan 19th. As I write it’s at $30.14, up 44% from its recent bottom. Just on the basis of reporting quarterly results which were just what they said they’d be, and not the disaster some hoped for.

There are some others that will be reporting soon. Can’t guarantee it, but some of them may do well too.