Google health insurance info

Google always amazes me with its expanding capabilities.…

**New ways to find insurance information on Google**

**In the U.S., finding a doctor who accepts your health insurance is often a top priority. When searching for a specific provider, people can check which insurance networks that they might accept. And if they’re searching for a new provider overall, on mobile, they’re now able to filter providers nearby who accept Medicare — a health plan predominantly for people over the age of 65.**


**The Check Up: helping people live healthier lives**

**Mar 24, 2022, Dr. Karen DeSalvo**
**Chief Health Officer, Google**

**Google introduced a feature we’re rolling out that shows the appointment availability for healthcare providers so you can easily book an appointment.**

**While we’re still in the early stages of rolling this feature out, we’re working with partners, including MinuteClinic at CVS and other scheduling solution providers. We hope to expand features, functionality and our network of partners so we can make it easier for people to get the care they need.** [end quote]

I own shares in CVS because I think their model addresses the needs of the growing population without primary care. Working with Google to facilitate appointments is a plus. As Google adds providers, this functionality will become more useful.…