Google Takes Aim at TV Ads

This would seemingly compete with some of TTD’s business, right? I believe TTD is looking to work with ad businesses on streaming TV…

For Google, TV is the final frontier. So it would make sense that to get there, the search giant started with Star Trek.

As CBS bets big on the latest original “Star Trek” series as the anchor series for its fledgling streaming subscription service CBS All Access, it is relying on Google’s technology to deliver ads. That partnership will hardly shift the power structure of the TV advertising business on its own. But it’s a significant win for Google.

“The CBS partnership is big for us,” said Rany Ng, Google’s director of product management for video. She points to the “Star Trek” digital distribution as an example of how seriously big media companies are taking the changes in TV.

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This sort of thing by Google may be the exact reason why TTD went public and is so focused on the Asian and rest of the world market where Google has no where near the dominance it has North America.

TTD has stated at conferences that it sees programmatic ads for television developing much quicker in countries like Malaysia than the United States because there is less ability to pay subscription fees and thus the greater need for ad supported content.

I did not find this persuasive because although there is Netflix and Hulu (that is partially subscription), and HBO and that sort of thing that are subscription funded, when you look at a provider like Sling or Direct TV Now, and they are joined by others now, those services have substantial on demand viewing. For example, if I want to watch Inhumans, it is on demand from ABC on Direct TV Now, or a show or movie from TNT the same with Sling or Direct TV Now.

These on demand offerings are ad supported. And there is a paucity of ads for these on demand shows.

I have noticed that the CW has filled out its CW streaming channel with ads on its shows as if it were live and on broadcast TV. I doubt that are using Google or TTD for that.

But point being, the entire U.S. market is not going programmatic, but enough of it is that there is more opportunity for streaming TV in America, now, than there might ever be in the lifetime of Malaysia.

Nevertheless, although TTD is of course addressing America, it is selling Asia and the rest of the world in its investor presentations.

I think it is doing so preceisely because of the dominance of Google in North America and this is just an example of that.