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Not sure this is the right place for this but after many hours of reading Google and watching uTube videos, my 91 year old brain needs a little boost from this great community forum.

I saw this full page color add in the Wash Post that was offering FREE download of DaVinci Resolve 17 from Black Magic Design.

Still with an interest in starting new projects, I said what the heck, and downloaded the program.

All went well until during the installation process, it stopped with a notice: “Unsupported GPU processing mode”.

After much time, I determined my current Display Device is a “Intel(R)HD Graphics 4600 GPU, and no update available”.
I set off for the long search to see what I need to get program to open. Lots of data available including Videos from DiVinci and uTube. No solution that I could master. Thus the call for help.

Do I need to buy a new GPU device since no upgrade was offered in my current Dell DESKTOP-D7C95SM, ntel(R) Core™ i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz. 8 GB Ram, installed?

What GPU device would you recommend?

After much reading on the DiVinci program , I realize it has far more capability than I will ever need, but I would like to solve the questions above, before I uninstall the download.

Thanks for any inputs.
I read the board daily but don’t find the need to contribute with all the experts that follow this board.
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This is what I could find for what requirements are for davinci resolve 17:

“Integrated GPU or discrete GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM
GPU which supports OpenCL 1.2 or CUDA 11 – ( I had to look up CUDA)”…

Since you have a desktop system, you can (probably) install a new video card in your system.

You will want a video card that (per above) has at least 2GB of RAM and supports OpenCL1.2 or CUDA 11.

I’m guessing you’re probably not comfortable with the idea of opening up your desktop case and installing the card - so you’ll have to hire someone to do that. Most cities have small computer shops that you can go to and have them do that.

I’d definitely look at replacing the entire system instead of installing a new video card.
How old is your system? It’s at least 5 - probably 6-7. Does it have an SSD drive? If not, getting a system that does will make the new system feel much more responsive/faster. It’d be possible to upgrade that as well in your existing system, but by the time you replace the drive, install a new video card, you’re probably 2/3 of the way to paying for a new system.


Go to their web site and contact support via e-mail. Ask them for minimum system specs and recommended specs.

I did not see that info on their site for the software, so can’t say for sure–but, IMO, your system could not run the software. Your CPU is 5-6 generations old (your CPU is 4th Gen). In computer terms, it is older than you are .

I think they want Win10 minimum (their keyboard does require it), so it would not surprise me if they required Win10 and a much more capable CPU and GPU and a lot more memory. Maybe some SSDs as well.


Thanks jerryab2 and foo1bar for your timely replies.

I do have Windows 10 and I realize it lacks power, but has been adequate for my use. I don’t do any gaming and my current video editing is with Filmora.

I will now proceed with the uninstall process of Divinci and go back to browsing this and 7 other boards.

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DaVinci Resolve is amazing, be prepared to get some an entirely new computer as mentioned above.

It’s a good product, if you have the means do it and learn about Resolve you will not be disappointed.

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