Grantham/Dalio Interview

"The founders of Bridgewater and GMO discuss the big risks they’re watching, including inflationary pressures, political conflict, asset bubbles, and climate change—and what investors can do to protect themselves.

The conversation, which was recorded on May 9, is moderated by Jim Haskel, editor of the Daily Observations, and Alex Shahidi, co-CIO of Evoke Advisors, and is separated into two broad sections. In Part 1, Ray and Jeremy cover the major risks they are tracking — including strong inflationary pressures, rising political conflict, and asset bubbles. Then, in Part 2, they talk through how investors can adjust their portfolios to prepare for these risks. Jeremy concludes the discussion by describing the threat that climate change and the overuse of natural resources poses to humanity, and the most promising solutions he sees to these problems."

Posted May 17, 2022…


If I recall, Grantham tends to be negative and has been for a few decades. I view Dalio in higher regard.

Main themes seemed to be:

Cash is trash
debt issues
continuing inflation
political extremism will get worse and a big problem with investing
long and short investments
continued shortages including food going forward

That would lead me to think investments might need to be along the lines of:
stocks with largely fixed costs
short long term bonds

Some of those might be too much risk for me. And others I would need to do more research on.

Any other thoughts?

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