grateful for constipation(!)

As I may have mentioned, I’m tapering DH’s anti-psychotic in preparation for introducing a new one. It’s been a little rocky and I’ve had to resort to giving him an emergency pill twice (or was it 3 times-) over the past week.

I guess my lack of sleep is catching up with me as I’ve been sleeping more, sometimes sleeping through his nighttime bathroom visits. The past 2 nights I went to sleep at 8:30 and 9:30. He didn’t wake me till midnight. He got up around 4, walking around and around the bed futzing with the bedding for an hour or two and then poo’ed. I went back to bed after taking him to the bathroom for that purpose, but got back up when he was gone for a long time (too long…). I found a big glob of poo (the glued-together marbles kind, not sticky/soft) on the bathroom floor near the toilet room, another in his sink(!), and a couple small marbles in the toilet room. Easy pickup, but yikes.

On the bright side (is there actually one?!), he poops pretty consistently at 4:30-6am. OK, too early, but at least predictable. And it’s not sloppy for cleanup.

On the minus side, I’ll have to become even more attentive (and watch my step!!!). I hope I can continue to get to sleep early to make being wakeful at the crack o’ dawn easier.

On the third hand, his constipated poo is odd today considering that he had beans in his lunch salad yesterday AND beans in his shrimp tacos last night.

But if poo’ing on the bathroom floor is the new normal (gawd, I sure hope not-), not resuming prune juice any time soon… If only there were a consistent spot, I could put down a puppy pad…

Another bright side, although partly due to my attentiveness, he hasn’t peed on the floor for quite a while, although he starts to pee way at the back of the toilet and often gets some around the lid hinge & strip of porcelain behind the bowl. Not much bending for cleanup so I don’t particularly object. Beats getting pee on the floor or the bed. Or poo anywhere outside the toilet…

NOT grateful for tapering his anti-psychotic :-/

This afternoon he knocked over his water glass in the den while attempting to walk through the tiny space between the end table and his recliner. While I was soaking it up on towels, he went into the kitchen and peed into a drawer of kitchen stuff.

Last night started badly but in the wee hours became the best for a while.

The bad: he woke ~10pm to pee. I pretty much dragged/pushed him to the toilet to prevent peeing on the floor. Afterwards he opened the linen closet and tried to climb onto the towel shelf to sleep(!). It took a while, but I got him back to bed, where he lay down more or less across the foot of the bed and immediately fell asleep. I ws able to get him properly on his side and under the clovers about half an hour later.

The rest of the night was fine. When he woke at 4am to pee, instead of staying awake afterwards fidgeting & gibbering for an hour before having a poo as usual, he went right back to sleep. Woke at 6:15, pooed properly in the toilet, then fidgeted with the bedding and gibbered for 15 minutes and finally got back in bed. He gibbered on & off, but didn’t pull at my covers. I was able to stay in bed till after 7–yay!

Wonder what the day will bring…will be reducing his olanzapine dose further tomorrow…

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