Great Short interview with AYX CFO


CML: What are the most important things for investors to take away from the results and outlook?

Kevin Rubin: The space that we serve, you know the opportunity is early, and it’s just ginormous. There are forty-seven million disenfranchised Excel workers in the world, nearly fifty million data workers trying to work in Excel.

So many companies are trying to figure out how to leverage the data available to us. It’s hard to find a board room today where managers aren’t pressing companies on how do you take advantage of the data.

CML: This market has seen some M&A action. What’s your take on the purchase of Tableau by Salesforce?

KR: We were not surprised they got acquired. I would say we weren’t surprised it was Salesforce. They had been shopped around two years ago. They had some retooling they needed to do.

CML: If you’re thinking about being an acquirer, you must have noticed that valuations have been pretty rich of late

KR: We have to recognize that all waters rise. We benefit from that. Our valuation is hot. As we think about M&A, if I think on a per dollar of incremental revenue basis, we can afford to pay for some of these rich valuations because we have been rewarded in our stock.…