Greet our New Assistant Board Manager

Greet our New Assistant Board Manager

As I’m sure that you are aware, the fame of our board has spread and we seem to have more and more new board members every day. This will help us in the long run to have more and better analysis and discussion of our high growth stocks, but in the here-and-now we get a lot of way off–topic posts, with one-liner responses that fill up the board with extraneous stuff that is not what the board is meant for.

It has become difficult for me to keep up with all the posts, and for my assistants as well. Fortunately, we will have a new Assistant Board Manager join us this week. His name is Benjamin and his board name is Locke. Please welcome him, and appreciate him, as he is taking on a difficult job, with a lot of potential stress and no benefits except a job well done, which will help our board run more smoothly. Please respond to his requests as you would to mine.

Thanks for your cooperation