GTAA status change - Large Cap Momentum

For the first time in 42 weeks, the asset class “US large cap momentum” as represented by the MTUM ETF, will flip to a “bullish” state as defined by above its 33W MA. It is the only asset class in this state; Cash is now ranked #2.


what are the other etf’s in GTAA and where is a good reference on web? Thanks in advance

“A list of assets traded: US large-cap value (represented by IWD), US large-cap momentum (MTUM), US small-cap value (IWN), US small-cap equities (IWM), international equities (EFA), emerging market equities (EEM), intermediate-term US Treasuries (IEF), international treasuries (BWX), US corporate bonds (LQD), long-term US Treasuries (TLT), commodities (DBC), gold (GLD), and real estate (VNQ).”

The source reference guy is Meb Faber. It’s an advancement of the “Ivy Portfolio”.
White Papers - Meb Faber Research - Stock Market and Investing Blog - scroll down about 1/3 of the way for the original backtests of the GTAA strategies, the real deal on the myth of the 10 best days, etc.
FWIW, I use GTAA-4 (top 4 etfs) with up to 6 if there are near ties. The ETFs I use are RSP or SPY, IJT, MTUM, IJR, EFA, SCZ and EMXC, VNQ and RWX . For fixed income I sometimes use PGX for preferreds, and a few medium term bond ETFS, sometimes JNK - no bond funds this year, been sitting in cash like everything else.