Hallelujah, death is beaten

Happy Easter!


He is risen!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


“He is risen!”

Thanks, Rob.


Happy Easter :slight_smile:

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And Happy Passover, too… I’m still eating matzos into early this week, as Jesus would have. (My understanding is that his name would be Isho [pronounced EE-show] in the language he usually spoke - Aramaic - so I think of him that way. I spent a lot of time with Quakers and some time exposed to Christians like Bonhoeffer, which left me neither a Messianic Jew nor anti-Jesus.)

Years ago, I read about this supposedly actual graffiti, which I updated slightly in the last line:

Jesus Saves

[then someone added later:]

Moses Invests [and so now this post is on-topic ;)]

[and someone added this even later:]

…and Curry goes up for the rebound! [on-topic here, too, since Steph Curry endorses Under Armour]


I hope nobody took offense… no offense meant, though I am pretty unorthodox with regard to whatever religion I have some connection with. (For instance, my reading has taken me back and forth on the issue of reincarnation to the point where I plain do not know. And I don’t have much of an idea of what resurrection actually is. I don’t think it’s zombies or Frankenstein or any other kind of corpse animation. I figure it’s some kind of coherence of a person’s essential self after the end of the physical body’s existence. And it probably requires some kind of work on the part of the person to develop this coherence. That leads to my suggestion for our light-weight bedtime sheep-counting topic for tonight - does matter come from spirit, or does spirit come from matter? :slight_smile:

OK, and back to bread tonight, too, though Orthodox and Conservative Jews have another day of Passover, because of a ruling to make sure the diaspora calendar aligned enough with the Holy Land calendar. I don’t know what Sephardic Jews follow on this. Back in Jesus’s time, I suppose all Jews were Sephardic by default, and the holiday lasted seven days.

Now, this post IS definitely and completely off topic outside of the context of this thread. I hope Saul at least enjoys it.