Happy Mother's Day to

all who are one or all who have one.


“She [Julia Ward Howe] believed that her Women’s Peace Movement would be the next great development in human history, ending war just as the antislavery movement had ended human bondage. She called for a “festival which should be observed as mothers’ day, and which should be devoted to the advocacy of peace doctrines” to be held around the world on June 2 of every year…”



And Howe HATED the commercialization (cards, obligatory masses of flower, dinner out or catered, etc.) that was already occurring as she aged.

My mother and both grandmothers, fans of Howe, forbade us children to do anything beyond cooking and cleaning up dinner, giving a kiss, and privily telling of our love (which last was left to us to discover, so my older brother kibbitzed me when he discovered the secret at age 9 and I was 6, and I coached my sister aged 4). Mom insisted that the main point was solidarity of mothers against the idiocy of war and other wastage of children, and passed along her fierce detestation of the gobbledygook. Dad, a hardened WWII veteran who designed first ICBM navigation algorithms/equipment, agreed.

After her death I started putting a flower in a vase on my bedside table for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

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