Has TMF Committed Suicide?

In eliminating the “non-financial” forums, TMF has thumbed its nose at the community of posters who enabled the G BoyZ to expand from their beginnings on AOL to the financial empire they are now running. One has to ask, though, why they did so? My guess is that few who posted in the non-financial forums subscribed to TMF’s endless, worthless, over-priced “newsletters”. So TMF saw them as ‘dead weight’ and an unneeded expense.

Under a variety of handles, I’ve probably done 25,000 posts, most of them on bonds or trading issues. The chief beneficiary of those posts has been me, as I tried to work out an idea. (My thought was this. If I could explain it to someone else, I could explain it to me.) These days, even the “financial” boards have become ghost towns. E.g., if you enter the phrase into a search engine and are returned a list of the 7 or 15 or 30 websites, the Motley Fool won’t even be among them. So, it’s become to move on.

Though not a market I follow, I did find one site that looks promising, www.stocksunder1.org/ The tutorials show a solid understanding of Technical Analysis, and the free scanner is real time. Check 'em out.


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the top 50 stock list has excellent candidates for my 2% theory. Spotted several stocks under the % column. Grabbed two and piggybacked them.

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