HDP - Saul?

I was thinking a real example related to open source is RedHat

Thanks for the kind words. I have never looked into this space.

I had an opportunity to have a close look at Electronic Arts, then a $1B company, adopting RedHat Linux for their online gaming in early 2000. And never bought any shares in RedHat, always worried about their valuation, while fully understanding their growth and recommending moving to Linux is the right long-term strategy.

In some ways, Cloudera is a bit closer to RedHat than HDP. Just from a growth point of view, I think you can use RedHat as the model.

While there are other Linux offerings, I have predominantly worked with RedHat and SuSe only. SuSe has gained a large acceptance in the NA market when it was acquired by Novell, it was far more popular in Europe due to its European ancestry.

Looking back to your past mistakes is scary, even more, difficult thing is to outgrow those fears. Living in Silicon Valley in 2000 you have seen many folks take a massive financial hit during 2000, is a serious mental scar and I have avoided growth investing (technology) completely. Perhaps a forum like this might have helped me to overcome a bit.