Heading for Portugal

Jennifer and I are riding eBikes up El Camino de Santiago April 13-26.
We have extra time in Porto, home of captaincc, who posts on Saul etc and used to manage New Paradigm Investing.

I was hoping to buy Denny dinner or rent a sailboat with him (it could happen) in our free days but . . . the phone number he gave me is no longer in service and he hasn’t replied to recent emails I sent him.
Anyway if anyone knows how to shake his cage I would appreciate it. I notice he has been posting on Saul et al board, but I didn’t
make the cut when MF 2.0 “upgrade” :face_vomiting: happened.
anyway, I would really like to meet Denny.

John A Davis
aka MoneySlob
quote of the year:
“don’t ask me for stock advice”


Oh man! I hope he’s OK.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Hello,my name is Denis, are you sure you have the right person?Cheers.

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John…try tagging @captainccs in a post and see if he responds (similar to Rob posting a reply on Saul’s board about it.

In the meantime, I edited your post to remove your phone number since this forum is public and we don’t want personal information displayed.



As far as I remember Denny had mentioned once, about 3-4 years ago, that he hated to be contacted personally and that he would not reply to any email sent from the board.

Hi MSlob:

Hope you can hunt down Denny.

Hope you have a great trip and be safe!

All the Best,


They are talking about Denny Shlesinger. .

There are personal matters best addressed by personal email. I object to board matters being emailed.

I replied to John’s email by email.

The Captain


I have had numerous dialogs with Denny last year when I was going to visit. Take care.

Me and Denny are good.
He s replies to my emails were going to my spam folder.

We are planning a n dinner in n a couple days.

Cheers everyone:


We are organizing tomorrow’s dinner! Most probably fish…

The Captain


That is great! You 2 are a couple of my favorite Fools. I hope you have a wonderful time.


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Denny is cool dude. He should write a book.


I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years but my short attention span is a big hurdle. Mario Vargas Llosa popularized what might be called the “flash back style” with La Casa Verde, a collection of memories in no particular order. There are other books that are collections or anthologies.

The WWW is a good vehicle, that’s what blogs are. I used to post my thought at Software Times but that is ancient code and clunky by today’s standards. Goaded by John (MoneySlob) and company I started a project to put my memories online. I might title it The Captain’s Log.

The Green House (La Casa Verde)

The oldest of the stories that compose the book dates back to Piura: ″It’s a story of a brothel in Piura, which I remember vividly from when I was in fifth grade of grammar school. It was a green house – or cabin – in the middle of the dunes, on the outskirts of the city, right in the desert, across the river. For us children there was something fascinating about it. Of course I never dared go anywhere near it. Still it left quite an impression on me.″

The photo was taken on the roof lookout of the restaurant John hosted. We has a great time. Behind me John’s expat friends living in Porto,

Thanks, John!

The Captain


I too have ADD and cannot focus long enough to write the several book ideas.

However I did start out talking into my iPhone in the Memo app and was able several times to send the recording to an outsource business to transcribe for pennies a page. And they were very accurate. Now is how to figure out how to do this consistently day after day. Oi vay.
Not all of us are champico33’s
. . .


Some guys have all the luck…

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