Healthy and hot food with SNAP

Hot food cannot be purchased with SNAP EBT payments. But two young Philadelphians seem to have found a way to get around that rule.

… the store will also be selling the raw ingredients of portioned-out meals in kits, like chicken with potatoes and vegetables. After the customer buys the uncooked foods with their SNAP benefits, they will leave the grocery and walk to the rear of the building, into a separate shop that contains a kitchen.

The customer will hand over the meal kit to a worker, who will, in turn, give them a recently cooked version of the raw meal at no charge. The uncooked ingredients will then made into another meal, for another customer.


Papa Murphy’s sells fresh-prep pizzas ready to bake. So, SNAP qualified. Margin on SNAP ingredients must be enough to cover costs, so no further prep at Papa Murphy’s. But the Philly store has a big enough margin to cover employee doing the cooking and all related costs.

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Very cool, but it seems that at least one (but likely more) raw meal(s) will go to waste daily. Do they immediately cook that next meal? Save it overnight after the last purchase? If all meals are not identical, then what if that turned in meal is not purchased again for hours? If I buy a fish meal and no other fish meals have been purchased all day, then how is a freshly cooked fish meal available?

Love the concept. Might be better if they simply offered to cook the purchased meal for free.


Bennet Introduces Bill to Help Low-Income Families, Seniors Buy Nutritious, Hot Meals | Press Releases | U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.


I don’t recall if it was Papa Murphy’s, or another pizza chain, that tried to get around the restrictions on SNAP purchases like that. There apparently was one near my home at one time. Read the very few on-line reviews. Had to laff at the review that complained “this pizza is way undercooked”.



We’re having Papa Murphy’s tonight for dinner. It is the best pizza in the area that we can buy and eat at home. It is actually pretty good when we customize it the way we want it and finish customizing it at home.

Interesting, how does baked cucumber turn out?

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Or is that thin sliced zucchini, YUM!

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If it doesn’t have fatty cured meat, is it really a pizza?


Heh, funny story.

I was in Israel in the early 90s and I stopped by a Pizza Hut.

I ordered a pizza with pepperoni. They politely replied that they didn’t have pepperoni.
I then asked for sausage and was told the same thing.
I said, well, OK then, how about ham? Nope. “Bacon?!?” I asked incredulously. Again I was politely told no.

Then I realized… I don’t even recall what I ended up having on it - probably just mushrooms.

So yes, you can indeed get pizza without fatty cured meat. :rofl:

Who thinks they should have had turkey sausage or turkey pepperoni and left me with my naïve ignorance!


Zucchini and a bunch of other veggies with a garlic sauce.

Ah, so no nutritional value at all < g >.

An occasional treat at casa del Steve is a Little Caesar’s veg pizza: green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives. So yes, you can indeed have a pizza without dead animals on it.


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But why would you want to? :innocent: :crazy_face:



Of course you can get a round disk of dough without cured fatty meat. But is that concoction really a pizza??? :rofl:

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You were very likely at a kosher branch of pizza hut. Kosher laws don’t allow for meat items and dairy items to be cooked or served together. So that pizza hut would only have all sorts of veggie toppings, and no meat toppings. The kosher McDonalds branches in Israel have a regular counter for all their sandwiches (meat), and a small window nearby where they serve their ice cream products separately.

Probably not cheeseburgers…

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Nope, not real ones. Some places have a kind of vegan (fake) cheese and they put that on their burgers.

Yes, that was the “Then I realized…” part. I am not sure that they had a non-Kosker option back then. Certainly don’t recall seeing any.