Hello - Anyone talking options on free boards?

I’ll be watching MARA RIOT CVNA on Monday for a buy opportunity. I like CVNA when it gets under $9 so will get some on Monday to sell the calls when the price rises back up into the mid nine range. I may buy some MARA to hold because of the rise in bitcoin ( or MARA). I’ve been selling calls on GPS out of my portfolio.

The MARA I bought Wed for $10.15 got called out at $11 so I did make that 10% profit less commissions/taxes…doc

I have some Gap stock from a losing trade. I looked at its trend and have been selling the calls when it gets up close to the peaks. I can do this almost every other week or 3 weeks…doc

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Bitcoin price dropped over the weekend. My MARA got called out. It looks like there will be a buying opportunity on the dip possibly so I can sell calls on it again for possibly this Friday.

Gap is at the bottom of a cycle over the last week. Hope it gets up over $10 so I can sell those calls again.

HAL looks like it will trend up based on TA so I will watch it and sell calls on the HAL that I have this week if it does pop up over $34:

When I don’t have any covered call ideas, I use Optiondash screener. Its free.
Best Covered Call Screener | Options Premium Screener | OptionDash

Good luck, I’m not a professional in any capacity. Do your own research. There are trap plays out there in the options market. These are my ideas IMHO of course…doc


Appreciate you dropping this info.

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I do not see any Option titled topic in the METAR.

Here’s a recent discussion about covered calls in METAR.

Here are the top covered calls in the $3 to $15 range per optiondash search engine. I would avoid the ones with red earnings coming this week. I would also avoid the banking stocks due to risk of failing…doc

Todays covered calls that expire today Cinco de Mayo from Optiondash website. I’ve been selling covered calls on MARA (yesterday I sold the strike 11). CVNA has been stable and I had a position in it. Riot has been paralleling MARA. LYFT, CVNA and AMC have the highest return if called out this weekend…doc

$3 to $15

$15 to $30

$30 to $75

$75 to $100

I only cut out the top dozen or so from the each set of values. There are some good companies in those lists like TTD, ZS, DDOG,DIS, ETSY, DASH, SQ yada yada

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Some nice premiums for this Friday. I would avoid the financial institutions and one coming out with quarterly earnings. UPST has an excellent call premium for just 3 days. I would avoid Beyond Meat with earnings coming up and I expect them to miss because who eats fake meat? Do your due diligence…doc

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I hope someone took that UPST call, it popped over $14 so the call premium $1.26 plus the strike 14 (39 cents) for a total of $1.65 in three days - greater than 10% trade…doc

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LOL… I literally just posted my morning experience on UPST before reading your comment. I got ~9% on a holding of 4 days.

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yeah baby, way to go…doc

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nevermind, UPST already up to $19…doc

Here’s the top covered calls from this morning that expire today under $25 stock from optiondash website. If a person does one trade a week and buys a conservative stock with a 1% premium on (selling) the call, one could theoretically make 52% a year. Imagine if you were writing 2% call premiums. The stocks with the higher call premiums can also be higher risk for a stock price drop in my own experience so don’t be greedy is my suggestion…doc

These are the top options premiums expiring this Friday May 19 in the $3 to $20 strike . Personally I try to avoid segments like financials that are in trouble, earnings/announcements this week, lawsuit stocks so do your due diligence. I would go right to that Intercept Pharm and look it over carefully. RIOT is in this top list every week as is MARA (missing). Stone Co might be a good one. Nano X has a really good reward if it gets called out. WW is weight watchers and is usually in this list. CVNA has been here every week and I’ve lost some money on it when it climbs up to the top of its trading range like it is now. IMHO and do your research before doing any buy writes. Remember UPST from last week…doc

Purecycle…interesting. No idea why I didn’t look at options there before. Hmmm.

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Nano X has earnings this week so I would avoid that one…doc

ICPT tanked today, thats why I avoid the high premium covered calls because that happens too often…doc

Here’s the latest optiondash screen for stocks $2 to $20 that expire this Friday day after tomorrow. I avoid the ones that have earnings coming out this week because its a guess how they are going to do (indicated with a red date). Optiondash is free and I am not affiliated with them in any way fyi…doc