Herbal Supplements & 20 Something's Hearts

Business Insider headline: A cardiologist says she’s seeing a rise in 20-somethings with heart arrhythmias caused by herbal supplements

Allana Akhtar 21 hours ago


After tweeting out to her 70,000 followers that she was seeing young people sickened by supplements, she had other cardiologists, ER doctors, and internists around the country say they’ve experienced the same phenomenon.

Dr. Martha Gulati, a California-based cardiologist and president-elect of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology, is among them. Gulati told Insider she is concerned that many people falsely believe taking “natural” remedies means the items are safer than pills made in a lab.

“I think that’s reflective of the growing alternative medicine, and, essentially, pseudoscience in this space,” Belardo said.

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I have a sister in law who takes a bunch of different supplements. She’s sure they’re good for her… because they’re “natural”.

Lots of things are natural, including poisons.

She isn’t a person whom I believe actually thinks things through. Not stupid, in the sense of understanding, but just accepts whatever she seems to come across… but doesn’t seem to absorb contrary views/reasons/arguments. Blows my little mind…

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