Hey remember that inverted yield curve?

Well, long term rates could rise a bit, too. That would recognize that the end of the 20+ year aberration in long term rates has finally arrived.



Berkshire buys Occidental each time it dips. They recently did just that again. I’m in at $62.00 following the dip. Is it really that easy to wait and watch? I bought Verizon the same way. Although after 2 months the stock is down 1%. Another Berkshire Hathaway buy on the dip. After losing nearly 80% in 2022/2023 dividend stocks make up half my portfolio and frankly my anxiety has not kept me up at nights since deciding a makeover. It’s great to buy the babies and watch them fly high and equally upsetting when they go south. I’m 64 and started late investing. However I did buy Bitcoin in 2015 because a European company was selling their products at half price if purchased with Bitcoin. I kept what I didn’t use, about$1400 @ $19 a coin.Still have it and waiting for the $100,000 mark before selling. Honestly I had no idea what a Bitcoin was and only looked at the savings of 50% on some designer clothes my wife just had to have lol. In 2018 I started investing for real and like the Bitcoin purchase I had no idea what I was doing.
Thanks to the Fool’s they saved my retirement income.
Now I’m riding the dividend pony and life is sweet.


I hope someone mentioned that oil is a dying industry. Enjoy those dividends while you can.

If you say so.


By the end of the decade, the world is set to have manufacturing capacity for more than 1 200 gigawatts (GW) of solar panels per year, but it is projected to actually deploy only 500 GW in 2030.Oct 24, 2023


According to data from Ember, which goes back to 2000, solar capacity has increased by an average of 37% per year, over the last 22 years, doubling every 2.2 years. In 2023 we hit 413 gigawatts, and if this trend continues we could hit 565 GW in 2024.Jan 29, 2024


My comment…seems the trend is accelerating.

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