Hi Div Finance stocks

Hi everyone. New to the board here but I’ve been reading the last few hundred posts and I like the neighborhood, so if you don’t mind I think I might hang around a while. I’ve picked up a few ideas from you all, so far taking initial positions in TLND and TFFIF, and watching others.

I’d like to share a play I’m looking at and maybe get some thoughts back about a couple stocks that I think are a good base position for a portfolio. They’re all infrastructure and finance plays in areas that I think will benefit from the economic boost and corporate growth that is expected after the new tax package takes effect. They pay around 10% in dividends, have rock solid fundamentals, and are priced at the lower end of their range over the last few years. They are


I’ve got a small starter position and I’m looking to hold for a few months as the tax plan takes hold and by then either see some upside price action or sell by May and go away.

Best of luck to you

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What is TFFIF?

I bought some OAK this past week. Run by Howard Marks, pays 7.5% dividend…

But these aren’t the kind of stocks of much interest to Saul and most of the others here, who are buying stocks with strong growth and lots of subscription-like recurring income.

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