Hide and Seek is not fun.

I have had issues with the last 3 deliveries from Amazon and will seriously reconsider Prime when it comes up for renewal.

Strike 1 - delivered to the wrong condo. Fortunately, this one had a picture and I could identify it was across the hall.

Strike 2 - Amazon Fresh delivery left outside the building despite having the door code in the delivery instructions. I am on the second floor. 90% was things to be refrigerated. Luckily I had watched the progression of the delivery and immediately starting hunting it down. Did I mention it was hitting 75 here that day ?

Strike 3 - and a continuing saga. I needed to get more sunscreen and researched the reef safe choices because Hawaii is in my future(more than once :). I ordered it and was offered next day delivery. I got the “delivered” email and it was not outside my door on Friday. No photo which I have begun to believe shows someone saying they delivered something and may have just skipped it. I begin the complaint. I am told to check with my neighbors, garages and other possibilities. If I had wanted to spend this much time, I would have gotten in the car and headed to the reasonably close by Walmart. I did look around a bit but no packages anywhere. When I again chatted with customer service, I was told they wouldn’t do anything unless I hadn’t received it by Tuesday. Seriously ? If I haven’t received it by Tuesday, I’ll be disputing the Chase Prime charge with Chase.

Hello, Ace and Walmart - you’ll be seeing me more and more.

BTW, I have saved some outrage for other people. Sometimes delivery is because you can’t or shouldn’t go much farther than outside your door. What about them, Amazon ??


Speaking of Amazon…I ordered a special mug with a thumb rest from Amazon. Very hard to find. I got my four mugs, wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, but one mug broke inside the bubble wrap because the box was overly large so they rolled all around in it.

So began the search to tell them I only needed one mug…but returns are not easy and my message was ignored as they immediately sent 4 more. But I did reach someone in customer service (it wasn’t that easy to find), and he assured me it was OK they sent 4 more. Imagine my surprise when the next 4 arrived with no bubble wrap except loose in the box. All but one mug was broken into lots of bits (the one unbroken I think was in some bubble wrap that managed to stay somewhat wrapped). I think the bubble wrap was loose and the delivery guys decided they would toss this box hither and yon. I took a picture and sent it to Amazon. I told them the same person who sent the first 4 must have gotten a chewing out and he decided he would show me.

I ended up getting a refund and a $20 credit if I purchased from Amazon (not a 3rd party). And I still got 4 mugs, although the last one had some scruffy areas on the bottom. But it was a big hassle and time consuming.


I have had issues with the last 3 deliveries from Amazon

I don’t think it’s Amazon, but the delivery people.

I had a delivery from Chewy’s that included a 40-lb box of cat litter (which is why I have it delivered). Rather than toting it to my door some 100 feet away, the delivery person left it in the hallway on a different floor beneath the row of condo mailboxes. Somebody decided to see what was inside and stole one of the flats of cat food that was also inside.

I had another shipment from Coffee Bean Direct of ground coffee delivered, I guess it was left in the same place by that delivery person, and the entire box was stolen.

I had yet another delivery from Amazon that must have been left in the same spot and that was stolen too.

I know that these drivers are under pressure to deliver as many packages as possible, but leaving things in an unsecured location means it’s much more likely to be stolen. All told, I was out over $130 in less than a month.

Ended up getting a mailbox at a (somewhat) local UPS Store and changed the delivery address for each of the above vendors to that. Now stuff is delivered to a person in the store, I get a notification, and can pick it up at my convenience within the next few days. $90 per quarter – probably cheaper than continued theft. A poor solution (when the proper one is correct delivery to my door), but…



I don’t think it’s Amazon, but the delivery people.

There are one and the same to me. Also, since we have a major Amazon warehouse here with another in process, it really shouldn’t be that difficult.

But I appreciate the fact that this will tamp down even small purchases or make me reconsider them.

Stealing is unlikely in my current location, particularly when delivery directions are followed.

But I did reach someone in customer service (it wasn’t that easy to find)

Not easy at all. You have to find the help link via one of your purchases, and find the option for a phone call. Once you hit that, your phone rings and you’re connected to a CS person. They have always been helpful to me.



We haven’t had any issues with Amazon. In our area they are all delivered by Amazon trucks and they are our preferred method of delivery. UPS in our area is very good but FED-EX in our area is a total JOKE and we DREAD every time something has to come Fed-EX!

For Christmas 2020 we ordered from Omaha Steaks in plenty of time to get our order for Christmas dinner. We get the notification that we’ve received our over $500.00 order to our house but there was no camera notification and there was nothing on the porch. Mind you Covid is ramped in our area and it’s just after 8pm so it’s dark outside and this is perishable! We called Fed-EX and was told we would get a call back but it wouldn’t be until the next day at the earliest…and to this date we have never received a call! I checked our cameras and 2 minutes after they said our package was delivered we saw a Fed-EX truck go by…so we figured it was miss delivered. DH went out with a flashlight looking on porches and found it. He rang the peoples doorbell and explained that the package on their porch was ours. Disaster avoided but we didn’t like the fact that WE had to fix their mistake but if we had to wait for another delivery from Omaha Steaks it wouldn’t be in time for Christmas dinner and half of our order was a gift for our son and his family.

Fast forward a few months and we ordered some Levis for DH…yep delivered to that same house. Our address has only has 3 numbers in it and they keep delivering it to a 5 instead of a 6! Fast forward another month and a package was delivered on another street to totally different address and they only reason we found out about this one was because the people found us on NEXT-DOOR and called us.

We’ve complained EVERY time to Fed-EX and have never heard anything back from them.

Then there is the time they delivered a very oversized package while we were on a long trip. It was the same Fed-EX driver as all the other times. We were not expecting this package because the business made a mistake and sent us something that cost over $900.00 a second time. So she puts this package on a hand cart and isn’t pay attention and hits our sprinkler and it falls on the sidewalk. Good thing it wasn’t breakable!!! She then drags the box that is taller than her only as far as the garage which is the part of the house closest to the street and leaves it leaning on the house. She never went to the front door to ring the door bell to let us know something was there. We know all of this from our security cameras. Luckily our neighbors who knew we were on a long trip saw the package since it was so visible to the world, so they texted us and they put it in the back yard for us. We contacted the company who had no idea they had sent it out twice, but we’re honest people. They wanted someone to take it to Fed-EX and we said they were waiting for us to get home…we weren’t going to have anyone deal with it!

Ya wonder some times how businesses survive!

I do think a lot of it is the delivery drivers but business like Amazon, Fed-EX and UPS should be on the side of the customer and make it easier to deal with items not delivered!



To make this even more relevant - looking at the market open today, I couldn’t have been the only unhappy customer :wink:

Hey, it’s better then March of 2020.

AC jes sayin’


Makes me sincerely glad that I check my portfolio once every six months or so. It makes the fluctuations much easier to ignore.

ThyPeace, was going to do spreadsheet updates this weekend but maybe I’ll wait.

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ThyPeace, was going to do spreadsheet updates this weekend but maybe I’ll wait.


I’m thinking that August should be about rite!

a man who thinks the current DownTurn is “transitory”


I’m actually finding deliveries that Amazon sends via UPS are more problematic. I always seem to get my packages from Amazon trucks, but when they send with UPS–not as simple. Today, for example, I was actually anxious to receive a package that was scheduled to arrive. I then got notification that “attempt was made” (Baloney!) but they couldn’t because of my address being incorrect. It wasn’t.

What was wrong was that somehow, they had the correct street address followed by the words leaveporch–yes, one word. That apparently totally confused them and I ended up having to call UPS and get through all the queues to reach someone who told me this was the issue. I told them to just remove “leaveporch” from the address. They said they will expedite and they’d deliver tomorrow. Tomorrow???

I am quite annoyed.