$HIVE Charts Showing Breakouts

Also showing the Bitcoin and Ethereum weekly/monthly charts underneath the daily, weekly, and monthly charts for $HIVE as this is the ESG miner of Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada, Sweden and Iceland using clean and cheap renewable energy.


There’s a press release in the thread showing just how much Bitcoin and Ethereum $HIVE is mining. The trend is up despite the recent crash in prices; however, with KPMG Canada’s note a week or so ago, prices have rebounded over 50% already.

Bitcoin blew past $45,000 yesterday.

I’ll round down to $44,000.

$HIVE mined/produced 425 Bitcoin equivalent in January 2022.

For the month that would be $44,000 x 424 = $18,700,000 worth of Bitcoin equivalent mined in January 2022.

This is a micro-cap, already profitable, actually printing money digitally, and it is mining it on the cheap.

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