Holders of Patriot National stock

Wells Fargo & Company MN boosted its position in Patriot National Inc (NYSE:PN) by 15.7% during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission…Separately, Brown Advisory Inc. increased its stake in shares of Patriot National by 2.8% in the fourth quarter.

Hi F1Fun, That was reassuring, but we have to remember that it was before Dec 31st, and it was this year that the stock took a big hit. You did inspire me though to look on Yahoo for major holders (also mostly as of Dec 31st filings). I bolded names I’m familiar with.

Top Institutional Holders

Holder	                Shares	% Out	Value*	         Reported
Brown Advisory Inc.	854,146	3.16	$5,731,319	Dec 31, 2015
Fifth Third Bancorp	801,400	2.96	 5,377,394	Dec 31, 2015
Citadel Advisors LLC	697,207	2.58	 4,678,258	Dec 31, 2015
**Wells Fargo & Company**	616,482	2.28	 4,136,594	Dec 31, 2015
Gratia Capital, LLC	389,964	1.44	 2,616,658	Dec 31, 2015
**Vanguard Group, Inc.** 	334,996	1.24	 2,247,823	Dec 31, 2015
Portolan Capital,	297,182	1.10	 1,994,091	Dec 31, 2015
**Bank of America** 	285,947	1.06	 1,918,704	Dec 31, 2015
**BlackRock Fund Advisors**	227,241	0.84	 1,524,787	Dec 31, 2015
**Credit Suisse**	        115,917	0.43	   777,803	Dec 31, 2015

None of this ensures it’s a good investment, but it does seem to make it a lot less likely that it’s all a scam.




PN is a member component of several widely-used indexes, so that means that providers of index funds will be buying the stock because they have to in order to replicate the index. The BlackRock shares and the Vanguard shares are certainly due to this (see Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, Vanguard Extended Market Index, etc. for holdings details), and I would suspect the same for some of the banks.

It is also important to note that hedge funds may often hold long stock positions in part to offset bearish bets (either directly on the company in question or other related firms), so seeing a famous holder in and of itself is dicey as a ‘stamp of approval’. Brown Advisory is holding the company in a couple of actively-managed small cap funds, as is Wells.


None of this ensures it’s a good investment, but it does seem to make it a lot less likely that it’s all a scam.

I think those are probably Mutual Funds that they are investing with. So they are investing with other people’s money. Just saying.


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at the risk of sounding naive, i don’t necessarily care who is buying shares, so long as someone is buying them and hopefully driving up the price.

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