Holdings Channel

Holdings Channel is a website that I stumbled upon quite recently. It lists the portfolios of many fund managers, mostly American, but some international, too. Conversely, it lists many of the fund managers that hold specific stocks, mostly American, but some international, too. Every listed fund manager has only one portfolio associated with it, composed of American or large international stocks, so international portfolios don’t feature prominently. Only long positions are listed, not short and cash positions. For many fund managers, stocks that they once owned, but have since exited, are shown.

The website is rather clunky, and not well known by my reckoning. A quick check shows the listed portfolios to be well aligned with what I know of the portfolios disclosed by selected fund managers. Please let us know if anyone does a more thorough verification of the accuracy of the listings.

The website is free to use, although to see more than a few pages one needs to register for free.

This is how Holdings Channel introduces themselves in their welcome email:

Welcome to Holdings Channel! Each week at Holdings Channel, we screen through 13-F filings to identify which stocks are being acquired by hedge funds and institutions and which are being sold. While 13-F filings only disclose the long positions, we take a look at the aggregate number of shares across the thousands of funds that file each quarter to identify stock ideas that merit further research. Each week, we put the most interesting stocks into your inbox for you to review!

Hope this is of use and interest to some.