Home Alone time of year and shoplifting

The article is on how wealthy the McCallisters were.

But it is this little line from the article that gets my attention.
This behavior could suggest that he is wealthy. Shoplifting was “significantly more common” among people with family incomes over $70,000, according to a 2008 article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry

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Sociodemographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics ( Table 1 )

The overall lifetime prevalence of shoplifting in the general population was 11.3% (95% CI=10.6%–12.1%). The odds of shoplifting were significantly higher in men than in women. Native Americans had higher odds than whites, although blacks, Hispanics, and Asian Americans had lower odds of shoplifting than non-Hispanic whites. Being U.S.-born, never married, or in the youngest cohort (ages 18–29) also increased the risk for shoplifting. Shoplifting was significantly more common in individuals with at least some college education, among those with individual incomes over $35,000 and family incomes over $70,000, and among those living in the West, but less common among those with public insurance. Individuals with a history of shoplifting were more likely than those without a history of shoplifting to have a family history of antisocial behaviors. In over one-third of the cases, shoplifting persisted after age 15.

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Shoplifting occurred across all sociodemographic strata. However, it was more common among those with higher education and income, suggesting that financial considerations are unlikely to be the main motivator for shoplifting in most cases. It was also more common among Native Americans and non-Hispanic whites, possibly indicating a racial/cultural dimension not previously documented.

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I don’t know why “Home Alone” would be so in the news, but today’s WaPo details how much the McAllister’s Paris trip would cost if done today. To save you time: about $28,000. Travel is about 30% cheaper, actually, but hotels and transfer fees and the like boost the costs.

Legal experts weigh in on how much trouble the McAllister’s would be in for abandoning their kid: