How Billionaires Make Sure Their Money Talks

If they can keep people preoccupied with the social issues, it’s a lot easier to pick their pockets. That how you get to close 200 rural hospitals around the country while pocketing the extra 15% skim rate on Medicare Advantage.

Lyndon Johnson commented on the strategy in the 1960’s.



Most of us have probably seen the cartoon of the goober hunkered down in his shack with a rifle. The pol telling him to “look out for (some folks) coming to take your guns”, while the pol sneaks out the back of the guy’s shack with the Social Security and Medicare benefits the guy paid for.



From 2003 to 2013 we were a higher cost producer than China. China had not hit the wall on its water resources. The economies of scale in China were still building until 2021.

“They’re mobilizing them on the basis of cultural grievances,” Lacombe says. “And I think those two things in conjunction are fairly large contributors to the dysfunction that we’ve observed in American politics.”

The actually economic forces were more independent really than these studies report. The billionaires have opinions and do not want people getting more violent in their direction. Anyone can understand that. Plus while some government policy and planning might be important to them going silent takes down the pressure as one person the billionaires present as influence. They notch down their power by being silent better put. That is respect for our republic.

I have been very critical of Obama not getting us to demand side econ. Truth China was still rising. The GOP and Obama struggled along just pointing fingers when really little could be done effectively.

Now things can be done effectively and as of 2022 a lot of things are being done to rebuild our factory output with a green tinge.

Do you give credit to the billionaires for that? WEB has gone more conservative now with age. Yet he is the stalwart of capital formation in the US creating a lot of jobs. He generally manages with BRK more labor intensive businesses than tech companies. Apple being one of the exceptions.