How can it be?

I’m really dumbfounded by both SA and RB results for the past year and a half or so.

The market is up, but we are down so much it’s hard to believe how this could actually happen. I diligently invest a fixed amount weekly into the new recommendations and until mid-2020 had been investing only passively in retirement accounts and holding a huge amount of cash.

Over about 6 months I invest my cash mostly in SA and RB Best Buy’s and recs and then started routinely buying more.

But now my net worth is down like 50% or so. I’m well diversified as well; it’s not like I’m holding massively concentrated positions.

I noticed the rules also changed. Previously they said own at least 15 stocks and hold 3-5 years. Now after such poor results it’s been modified to 25 stocks and 5 years, as if they’ve been recommending that all along.

Is anyone else in this predicament? I’m not super worried and I’m not going up sell but it’s hard to see my net worth drop so much as a result of my decision to use these services.


Hi, adamn185.

I think that it’s always been 15-25 positions and hold for 3-5 years, but this evolved to 25 positions and 5 years to make it more simple for member Fools to understand. Note that neither 25 positions nor 5 years is a limit but an aspirational starting point for new investors.

As for the market being down, I expect your portfolio is doing even worse now than it was when you first posted, but I would still encourage you to keep your focus on a long-term (3-5 years or longer) investment Foolosophy as your best opportunity to built wealth over time.

Who is no not worried, he hasn’t even been looking at his portfolio over the last 3 months (or the year before that) but trusting that the companies in which he has invested have the quality management teams to navigate through turbulent economic waters and fulfill his conviction in their long term (3-5 years or longer) business growth potential…

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