How Dheeraj Pandey built Nutanix

This would be a old article from around the time Nutanix IPO’d in 2016 that gives the background on the Nutanix CEO. I did not look back and see if someone posted it before but even if someone has maybe this article will be brought to the attention of new people to the Nutanix story. CEO & Co-Founder Dheeraj Pandey is a immigrant from India and has a interesting story. He came with $900 in his pocket and built Nutanix to what it would be today.

By Jayadevan PK,

little over a month ago, Dheeraj Pandey took his seven-year-old company, Nutanix, public. On September 30, Nutanix (NTNX) made a stunning debut on the Nasdaq stock market, opening at $26.50, 66% above its IPO price of $16 per share. The public market now values the enterprise cloud solutions company at over $3 billion.

In 1997, Pandey had packed his bags from India and left for the US with a paltry $900 in his pocket, part of the amount he’d received from two educational trusts in India as scholarships to study abroad. At the current valuation, Pandey’s stake (9.2%) in Nutanix is valued close to $300 million.