How do I find a stick board?

Title says it all. How do I find a discussion board about a particular company, say Sam Adams?


Well, start by finding out who owns that brand name, Sam Adams, and it’s this bunch
and then go and look up that Corporation by clicking on the magnifying glass of the Motley Fool page you are already on. You will find a number of current discussions,

Hey, and if you find something of value interest, come back and tell us!

david fb

On the old boards, we had a Beer discussion board.

If you go to CAPs and punch in the ticker, which is SAM, you should be able to find other investors who have SAM in their CAPs portfolio and their comments on the stock.

They had quite a run earlier with their new generation beverages. Is it Truely? But that faded. For Boston Beer that seems to be the norm. I regard them as a pump and dump stock. Its important to buy low and sell high.

They are great at coming up with a nice story and driving up the share price. Insiders sell. And then its back to bottom of the barrel. I have owned them from time to time. Not profitably. Not one of my favorites.

The Bud Light problem is causing Inbev lots of problems. Constellation Brands (ticker STZ) is in the news but Molson (Ticker TAP) is the one that is running.

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