How does your state stack up in educational levels?

Mine is in the bottom quartile, but at least we are willing to imprison librarians and don’t let trans girls participate in sports so all must be good.


Highly deceptive. A classic case of presenting stats to make them say (appear to say) what you want them to say. (Want people to think) Just goes to show ya, whenever people say the data doesn’t lie" implying “and therefore we must believe a certain conclusion” what they mean is “the numbers lie”


Is there some other way to present the data that might make me conclude that Lousianna is as educated as California?


#4 CT

Third as a state with Columbia (ex NYorkers), Yale, UCONN and ex Bostonians having a much better life in CT.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It pays to advertise. We have lower priced office space in this corridor, an airport, excellent school systems and larger houses with more land for the money in suburbia.

Adding, I’d avoid living in DC. We are talking a lot of lawyers and lawsuits. It is not a safe city. LOL


I wouldn’t go that far: the statistics are the statistics. That said, (and with caveats), it doesn’t explain that some of this may be effect rather than cause. For instance, the coasts have a disproportionate number of high pay jobs which require education. California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Virginia, DC etc. may draw well educated people from Iowa or Louisiana - making the coastals look even more educated and making the donor states look worse.a

It’s a phenomenon which feeds on itself: California and Massachusetts have the high tech jobs, so more high tech people immigrate, fostering even more high tech jobs, etc. It’s the “new” industrial cluster phenomenon, which we used to see with Detroit (cars) and Pittsburgh (steel) and so on. It isn’t raw materials anymore, tho, it’s educated people, a resources far more easily transported than iron ore or coal.

I wouldn’t hazard a guess what those percentages might be, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility that it would exaggerate the effect.


Yep, probably a better analysis is to simply look at the less mobile non-diploma and HS diploma cadre. A quick glance looks to have a high correlation to the existing list.