"How good are APPF tools?" redux

(I posted what follows on another board in January of this year, but since an APPF discussion has finally landed here, I’ll repeat it without modification. Note that the post only addresses the larger property management vertical.)

How good are APPF tools?

Probably the best, actually, it turns out.

There are very many property management software tools around, but the following two analyses seem to indicate that the APPF tool is pretty much the best of the bunch.

(1) … https://www.softwareadvice.com/au/property/#top-products

Here a Gartner-style quadrant analysis of property management software is done, with the APPF tool being at the extreme top-right of the top-right quadrant (the “leader” quadrant). For the uninitiated, that’s exactly where you want to be if you want to be the vey best. In total, 83 property management software tools are ranked, with the quadrant analysis being current as of January 2018.

(2) … https://www.reviews.com/property-management-software/

Here they looked at 51 property management software tools, and chose 15 on which to do hands-on testing, from which they chose the top 3 without rank. The APPF tool was one of the top 3, being classified as the best commercial tool, as it becomes the most cost effective for more than 200 units. Another tool was classified as best for residential, as it was the most cost effective for up to 200 units. A third tool got a mention among the top 3 as it was totally free for up to 75 units. For mobile tools, APPF was in a (high) class of its own, without peer. This review was dated August 30, 2017.

Incidentally, the “best for residential tool” on the reviews.com ranking was ranked about equal to APPF along the “value” axis in the softwareadvice.com quadrant analysis, but quite a bit lower along the “capability” axis. There was only one best-of-breed tool common to the two rankings cited here, and that tool was APPF.



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Thanks Bombora this looks like a company worth digging into.